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Teaching with Dr. Moehlenpah

by ABI Admissions (9/27/2013)

ABI has been so happy to have Dr. Moehlenpah and his wife here teaching the First and Second year students! He is a very caring and knowledgeable instructor. He teaches both Environmental Science and Teaching Methods. His wife is also a great storyteller and again we thank them for coming and imparting just some of their wisdom to us!

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Vision for Outreach at ABI

by ABI Admissions (9/27/2013)

A vision has been cast forth by our organizational leadership, district officials, and by the home church pastor and president of the Apostolic Bible Institute, Rev. Gerald Grant. A vision to see a growing church in revival! The Apostolic Bible Institute has worked as a task force with the First United Pentecostal Church to see church growth and revival take place in the East St. Paul Metro area. Through much prayer and preparation, each student has worked to help, whether it is gathering up giveaways and food, passing out fliers and invites, or assisting in event set-up and breakdown. They have worked expectantly with the church to sponsor Friend Day Fun Fest on Saturday, September 28th in which they will be blessing the community and connecting with children, teens and adults who are in need of both physical and spiritual blessing. Over 10,000 mailers have been sent out, and already 4,000 fliers have been passed out by hand for this event! The ABI student body has gotten behind the vision that they will see souls saved and Bible studies being taught as a result of these outreach efforts. They are excited to fulfill the great commission and to learn hands-on the importance and value of servitude. Continue to pray with us, as we all work to reach a lost world with this gospel!

Lori Bishop Praying for this event and the Harvest of Souls for His kingdom!!

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The Beginning of the School Year!

by ABI Admissions (9/19/2013)

Once again, we are off to a great start here at ABI! With our exciting new fall calender full of outreach opportunities and hands-on learning. these not only extend to the sophomore, junior and senior classes, but have also been geared toward the freshmen helping them to succeed and be apart of the large extended ABI family.

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Spring Enrollment!

by ABI Admissions (9/11/2013)

Have you ever caught yourself wondering how to take your ministry to a whole new level?
ABI is now accepting applications for the spring semester begining January 6th. Come experience what God has in-store for you. You will have classes that give you skills and opportunities in public speaking, explaining difficult scriptures, and ministry. Come ignite the fire within you and further your ministry with ABI!

Contact us for more information at:
Apostolic Bible Institute
Twitter: ApostolicBible
Phone: (Seth) 651-248-3359

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Summer Tours 2013

by ADMIN (7/15/2013)

This summer, we have three tour groups of students on the road. These groups will be in 15 different camp meetings. They serve in many capacities which include: camp counselors, maintenance people, cooks, sound technicians, and music leaders. Below is a list of the camp meetings. These groups will be encouraging other young people to study the Word of God and train for the Ministry at ABI.

Iowa camp: June 2-6
Missouri camp: June 3-7
Kansas camp: June 4-7
Illinois camp: June 9-14
Mississippi camp: June 9-14
Arkansas camp: June 16-21
Oklahoma camp: June 17 - 21
Tennessee camp: June 17-21
Minnesota camp: June 23-29
Wisconsin camp: June 23-28
Kentucky camp: July 8-12
Michigan camp: July 8-12
Pennsylvania camp: July 14 - 18
Ohio camp: July 15-19
South Dakota camp: July 17-20

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