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Graduation 2013

by ADMIN (7/15/2013)

This year 11 students graduated with an associate's degree and 11 students graduated with a bachelor's degree. We are excited about what our graduates will do as they go out into the ministry.

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Alumnus of the Year

by ADMIN (6/10/2013)

Rev. Matthew Martin was awarded Alumni of the Year for 2013. Bro. Martin serves as Oklahoma District Superintendent. He was the speaker at our graduation this year.

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Apostolic Torch Conference

by ABI Admissions (4/24/2013)

Apostolic Torch Conference
Incredible move of God; many lives touched
This past weekend we welcomed just over 200 young people to our campus for a weekend of equipping and inspiring. We could have never asked for what we got. From Thursday night to Saturday afternoon, God changed and rearranged lives as young people from all over the United States took time out of their lives to seek after His kingdom. It was said more than once that this group was the cream of the crop.

We were blessed to have one young man receive the Holy Ghost and get baptized in Jesus name. Many young people felt the call of God and stated that this was one of the best youth events they had ever been to.

Thursday Night

We began the weekend Thursday evening with a spring blizzard. As 6 inches of snow fell, people made their way to the house of God. Rev. Preston Vaughn, the MN Youth President, brought a challenging message asking the young people to pick up their staff as Moses had done.

Friday Morning

As the snow melted, we started our morning with breakout sessions intended to give practical teaching to those in attendance.Such as, "How to Teach a Bible Study" , "How to prepare a sermon" and Questions Young Pentecostals ask"

Friday afternoon was a time of putting those lessons to the test as several took part in an outreach scavenger hunt.

Friday Night

Rev. Aaron Soto spoke to us about what we were doing with our future. He asked a simple question: Are we putting chains around our future, or, are we crowning it with dedication and a Godly lifestyle? This message resulted in an incredible move of God which quite literally went from side to side, front to back .

Before the night was over many lives were rededicated and a young man that had been doing a Bible study with one of our students received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. The young man was then baptized in the name of Jesus.


We continued bright and early Saturday morning with more practical teaching. "Finding your Calling" , "Youth Leader Idea Swap," and "Ministering to Others" were a few of the sessions we had available.

Rev. Greg Wilhelm, the IL Youth President, spoke passionately to us about an Environment for Revival, which was a perfect cap to a powerful weekend.

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Graduation Lodging rates

by ABI Admissions (4/12/2013)

Americinn Lodge & Suites
6630 Hudson Blvd N
Oakdale, MN 55128
Cost/ABI Rate 59.00+tax
Includes Breakfast Buffet
Rooms have Fridge, Microwave and WI-FI

Best Western Regency Plaza Hotel
970 Helena Ave N
I-694 & 10th St
Oakdale,MN 55128
Cost/ABI rate 59.00+tax
Includes hot breakfast buffet
Rooms have fridge, microwave and WI-FI

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Ministry Trip to Greenfield WI

by ABI Admissions (4/10/2013)

We have had the tremendous privilege this year to be with many congregations in the surrounding states. Last weekend we were so grateful to be with Bro and Sis Rogers of Greenfield WI and their church, Elim Tabernacle. They have an incredible church on the verge of a huge revival. They have been consistently baptizing someone for the last three weeks. This past weekend was no different.

We started on Saturday by visiting 15 families on their bus route from those 15, 5 or more joined us Sunday morning. We had a powerful move of God Sunday morning after one of our students finished preaching the altars were opened and a young man came forward , repented of his sins and was filled with the Holy Ghost. He then was baptized for the remission of his sins.

Sunday night brought us another wonderful time of worship and praise. One of our students preached on commitment which was the message a young father needed to hear. The message caused him to make the decision to get baptized in Jesus name that night.

We praise God for what he has done through us and pray that the revival in Greenfield will grow greater and wider.

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