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Alumni Celebrates 75 Yrs with Outpouring and Healing

by (6/2/2012)

What a time we had during the Alumni celebration at graduation this year! ABI was blessed with many honored guests which included missionaries, pastors, UPCI leaders, and alumni from the decades. ABI has been training leaders and ministers since 1937.

The celebration included a drama Friday night, telling the story of David and the rise of a king, a golf tournament Saturday morning, the alumni banquet Saturday night, and the Alumni service Saturday evening. Rev. William Chapman helped raise money to assist ABI and provide for a new heating system, which will be a great blessing during the long winter months ahead! Rev. Lee Stoneking was our guest speaker, and preached anointed messages that were received by a great response in the altar calls.

During the celebration, there was an outpouring of the Holy Ghost and many miracles. Three received the Holy Ghost during the ceremonies, and many others testified of miraculous healings that took place during the services.

We are so thankful for the 75 years God has given us at ABI and look forward to the greater things that are to come! God is continuing to bless people who have given their lives to studying His Word, and is calling many more laborers into the work of His harvest around the world.

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Apply for Fall 2012 Enrollment

by Hugh Plappert (5/25/2012)

One of our main goals at the Apostolic Bible Institute is to train tomorrow leaders to be financially responsible. We will be putting the assets of the church in your hands. Now is the time to get a head start by using your time and resources wisely. By applying for fall enrollment this spring you will have many opportunities and make the most of your time in college.

There are advantages of completing your application during this time including:

1.) Those who complete their application by June 1, 2012 and apply $2,000 toward their enrollment will receive an additional $200 credit on their account.

2.) If you currently lack the $2,000 required for enrollment you can be given an exception if you file your application early and work with our team in developing a payment plan.

3.) You will have more opportunities to take advantages of discounts for acquiring needed items for your dorm room, college life, and academic resources.

4.) You will receive support from relatives and friends to accomplish your goals once they hear you have received your Acceptance letter.

5.) By showing your commitment your Pastor and Church will be aware and willing to give their support for your endeavor.

6.) Upon receiving acceptance from the Apostolic Bible Institute you will qualify to use the services of our Employment Advisor for finding employment in your local community. This assistance can positively improve your financial situation and better prepare you for being ahead before enrolling in school.

7.) You will have time to complete all the paperwork needed for college. There are a number of reference forms that you will need to follow up on. They will require you to request the assistance of others, deliver the paperwork, and make sure they are completed in time.

8.) You will have access to our website, for filing applications and scheduling interviews before you arrive. Taking advantage of this feature can put your school account ahead by as much as $500 to $1,000

To apply for enrollment:

1.) Request or download an application. Click Here to Download an Application.

2.) Visit with your Pastor. You will need his signature on your application and give him the Pastor's Reference form.

3.) Mail the application to the Apostolic Bible Institute and enclose your application fee.

4.) Send your transcript requests.

5.) You will receive an acceptance notice if approved after all the files have been sent.

6.) Once accepted you can contact our Recruiter, Seth Gillet, at (651) 248-3359 to get in contact with our Employment Advisor.

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Drama Practice Begins

by ABI Admissions (5/18/2012)

Every year for 75 years, the last month of school at ABI has been dedicated to writing, producing, building and presenting a drama taken from the Bible or based on the Bible. In this month many great memories are made and we are all reminded of what a group of people can do when they come together for one purpose.

We are now two weeks away from the premiere of the 75th ABI student drama. This year again promises to be a great one. Bro. Scott Hackler is directing. He has picked out a classic Bible story for the students to bring to life. It is the story of ... well; you will just have to come see for yourself.

Each and every morning the student body meets and receives their assignments for the day. Some students practice scenes others; build props and sets, some paint; and everyone enjoys the hands-on learning.

We all look forward to presenting this story for your entertainment. More than that,we are praying it will minister to you in a personal way. Graduation weekend has always been a great time of reunion and fellowship and we expect this year to be the best yet.

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New Gym/Chapel Floor Project Started

by ABI Admissions (5/18/2012)

A few months ago the class of 2013 completed their final fundraiser for the gym to get a new floor. They raised over $3,000 for this project.

This week we have seen the result of their effort as the old floor was torn out. Some students helped with the tear-out process which was an awesome stress reliever.

Brother Sanders and Brother Murphy have put many hours into this new floor-scraping it clean, filling holes. They are now beginning to lay the carpet. We appreciate the hard work they put in all around the school. Not only are they laying the new carpet but they have also finished the outside insulation around the school. It looks great!

Jay A. Perry I'm sorry to see the old floor gone from the 'Old" Chapel. The time I spent at ABI I shed many a tear on that floor.

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Seven Secrets of Champions

by Hugh Plappert (5/14/2012)

The stands are holding their breath. Your fans are counting on you. Your peers are in the blocks. The gun sounds the start of the race.

The Scriptures use the Olympic races as an example for our spiritual life (I Corinthians 9:24).

At the Apostolic Bible Institute we believe in our young people. They have the potential to develop into Champions for God.

What does it take to be a Champion?

1. Dedication

God does ask us to be set apart. This is why Apostolics are passionate about living holy lives. Preparing for your Laymen or Pastoral ministry also necessitates for you to separate yourself from personal time or convenience to assist others. Stepping out of your comfort zone to train for the field of your calling takes dedication.

2. Financial Responsibility

A financially responsible person has the freedom to go and come as they please. If you are burdened down with excessive debt, you will be locked into a schedule. Your lack of finances will keep you from engaging in activities that could assist you in reaching others. In addition, as a financially responsible person you will be an example that others will want to follow. As a Pastor or a Lay Minister others will be looking to you for financial direction.

3. Leadership

There will be no change in a person's life unless there is someone who can show them the way. You will never reach a lost soul until you become a leader. God will build on your soul winning leadership skills and place you in leadership positions where He can use your willingness.

4. Servant

People need help. They do not need to know that you are smarter or have a better lifestyle than them. God cannot work through an arrogant person. When we have a servant's attitude, He can shine through us. A Bachelor Degree from the Apostolic Bible Institute is wasted if it is not in the hands of a servant.

5. Network

No one person will be able to succeed on their own. David did not kill Goliath by himself. He had a faithful grandmother in Ruth. Somewhere there was a faithful "Sunday School teacher". We are the Body of Christ and we will only succeed in the purpose He has for us by networking together.

6. Established in the Word

There is no book, seminar, website, or video that can do more for you than the Word of God. Knowing it and living it daily will prepare you for success. Having an understanding of how to properly apply it will give your ministry an Apostolic distinctive.

7. Communicate

There are many problems that have roots in poor communications. Mastering the English language and presentation skills has advantages. In addition, understanding how others hear you will make you a better communicator. Using technology to replace your lack of communication skills is not the answer. Technology will only amplify your mistakes.

These seven attributes are woven through out the lessons you will learn here at the Apostolic Bible Institute. With our on campus program we are able to maximize each of these areas with face-to-face lectures, visits with faculty, and engaging classmates. Request information and start the application process by calling or texting Seth Gillet, our Recruiter, at (651) 248-3359.

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