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A Hotly Contested Chili Contest

by ABI Admissions (2/10/2012)

It's chili time!

The Senior class sparked the burners for a chili cook-off. Each member of the church and school could enter a pot of chili, to be judged by the palates of the masses.

The recipes came from all over. Some were the work of family recipes passed on through the generations.Each recipe had its own unique heritage and secret ingredient.

Bro. Miller brought out his three best recipes. One was for the mild mannered , one for those who like it spicy and a hunter's revenge venison chili (for those that missed the big buck this year). Maria Escandon entered a authentic Mexican chili that lit up taste buds. Jon Devall brought some east coast flavor to the cook off with a home-cooked hearty recipe.

The goal of the cook off was to raise funds for the various ministries supported by the Class of 2013 lead by their President, Andrew Lucas.

The afternoon was filled with great fellowship and friendly competition. The chili cook off is just one more time to get together and celebrate our heritage and diversity at First Church and we look forward to many more.

The winners this year were:

* Bro Miller, First place.
* Alex and Jennifer Feustel, Second place.
* Maria Escandon,Third place.

Rumor has it Mr. Miller, who is an attorney, found a loophole in the rules where he could enter three types of chili and accumulate the votes as one.

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Increased Spring Semester Enrollment

by ABI Admissions (1/17/2012)

We are growing and God is blessing.

We have been blessed in the form of five brand new students including one from the mission field of Jordan and three students that previously dropped out returned. The first and second year classes saw an increase and the third and fourth year classes retained their enrollment.

Our first week included the teaching of Dr. Bernie Penner with Psychology, Rev. Dan Flemming, Iowa District Superintendent, taught Gospels, and Rev. James Merrick expounded on Romans. Check back in this blog for insightful interviews with these instructors.

Some of our new students shared their initial experiences.

Lauren Wade of Paoli, OK explained, "Through prayer and a desire to learn more about God and His Word", she was drawn to the Apostolic Bible Institute. She has been enjoying "the teaching and the company of other like minded young people."

Jeremiah Alwardt of Edgewood, IL told us, "God's will for my life drew me here. He gave me a sense of purpose in life so I decided to follow His will." He enjoys the "Good teaching, friendly people and a staff that really cares about the students."

Cecelia Pauldine of Oswego, NY talked about her decision to enroll in our program. "I had been looking at colleges and ABI was recommended to me. As I looked into it more and more things began to fall into place." She added, "I am enjoying the daily chapel services and all my new friends"

There were three students who previously withdrew who re-enrolled in the second year class

Terry Ingram of Cincinnati, Ohio explained, "I see trends in the church that have motivated me to come back to school. I need an educated in a strong Apostolic foundation. I want to be a better teacher and defender of this faith".

Sonia Mercado of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota shared, "I missed the classes, friends and learning about the Bible. I really wanted to achieve an understanding of what I am talking about when I try to reach people. I like the family atmosphere. The calling of God was still on my heart when I withdrew. It drew me to my decision to return."

Matthew Shoop an United States Marine of Pinetops, North Carolina shared, "Being impressed by God to return and to keeping my vow with Him motivated my return". He also enjoys, "The knowledge and friendships that you build".

We are excited about this semester and all that God has for us. If you would like to join us in our next semester, call or text Seth Gillet, our Recruiter, at (651) 248-3359.

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Benefits of College Days

by Hugh Plappert (1/1/2012)

We are looking forward to meeting you at our Spring 2012 College Days on Thursday - Sunday, April 12 - 15, 2012.

Click here to learn how to not risk wasting four years in college.

According to recent news stories you have less than a 15% chance of finding employment in a job that requires a college education and you will owe over $27,000 in school debt.

Come to College Days and learn how to save $127,000, and graduate debt free with 100% of your hard earned credits transferrable. Speak with Faculty about the career opportunities that your ABI Bachelor Degree will open to you. In addition, you will see how you can get ahead by $1,000 this summer.

On campus you will have the chance to:

1.) Attend Classes,
2.) Meet Faculty and Staff,
3.) Tour the campus,
4.) Live in the on campus dorms,
5.) Attend the on campus church,
6.) Learn the benefits of our Bachelor Degree,
7.) Learn how to finance your education,
8.) Meet and learn from our Guest Speaker, Rev. Gregg Joki, and
9.) Get to know students that have the same desires you have.

For more information or to answer your questions call or text Seth Gillet at (651) 248-3359 or email

Pastors and Youth Leaders are invited to bring their Youth Groups. Call for more information.

ARRIVE: Thursday April 12, 2012 between Noon and 6 PM.

COST: $35 per person.

Bring bedding, toiletries, warm church and recreational clothing, your Bible, and spending money.

College Days ends Sunday April 15, 2012 following lunch in our cafeteria.

Pastors, Youth Leaders, Parents, and Families are invited to attend the College Days events. Housing is available at local hotels. Call (651) 739-7686 for more information about hotel arrangements.

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74 Years of Christmas

by Hugh Plappert (12/17/2011)

What was your first Christmas gift?

I think a lot about the first "Christmas gift" I received from the Apostolic Bible Institute. It has impacted my life and changed the course of my future. It was ABI Alumnus, Rev. Jim Yohe that brought the Acts 2:38 message to my mother.

For 74 years ABI has been training young people to share the Reason for the Season. The reach of ABI dwarfs the legend of Santa Claus' ability to delivery everyone's gift. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week the Gospel is being shared by our Alumni on every inhabitable continent.

You are an important part of our ministry. Your gift to ABI joins the $20,000,000 investment made in our 4,000 Alumni that blesses every ministry of the United Pentecostal Church International with trained leaders.

The gift I received via an ABI Alumnus continues to bless my five children.

You are invited to make your donation on our Gift Shop webpage where you can purchase music and story CDs. Click here to shop and contribute online.

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Christmas Concert Showcases New Talents

by ABI Admissions (12/16/2011)

The Apostolic Bible Institute students, their co-workers and family members, local church saints, and visitors from neighboring churches gathered to enjoy the diverse music groups and styles celebrating the Season of Christ's Birth.


As always under the direction of Mr. Scott Hackler, the ABI Music Director, the musical selections covered the depth of the season's message and various insights to the culture backgrounds of the music. This year's selections included a great performance of "The Boar's Head Carol", which brought a lot of laughter from the crowd as he shared the tradition behind the song.

This year's program introduced the new Music Department member, Mr. Andy Weisbrod. He has developed and introduced the Youth Choir, the First United Pentecostal Church Choir, and Church Men's Trio this year. His encouragement has brought out new talents from church members.

This celebration was made possible by the many unique contributions as you can see in the attached video above including the deep bass voice of Stuart Anderson, the excited Sousaphone contributions of Leticia Gillet, The Boar's Head Carol vocalist, Andy Harris, the magical pianist, Nicola Kuehn, and many others.

We were joined by several out of state guests including Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Reed, Retired Fiji Missionaries of Wyoming, Mr. and Mrs. Don Flemming of Iowa and Rev. and Mrs. Mark Harris of Wisconsin.

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