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Christmas Banquet Fills with Excitement

by ABI Admissions (12/13/2011)

What was the cause of the display of excitement by the ABI students?

Was it the passing grades they earned this semester? Was it the date they were escorting into the banquet hall? Was it their reflection on the birth of Christ? Was it the beautiful white Minnesota snow? Or, could it have been the hours they were counting down to Christmas vacation? I believe it was the accumulation of all the above. What ever it was it brought the best out of everyone at the annual ABI Christmas Banquet.

A hush fell over the packed hall as Rev. Gerald Grant, President, shared a few words and Adjunct Faculty member, Rev. James Merrick, said a prayer over the meal of Chicken Cordon Bleu.

As the ongoing ABI tradition the male faculty, staff, and student officers served the anticipating assembly in their white shirts and black ties.

The evening's theme was "Seeking the King". This was brought out in a hilarious skit by the student body with a reporter in search of the spirit of Christmas. Developing talents and personalities enhanced their acting that brought laughter one minute and a serious reflection on Christmas the next. Their presentation was first class and well executed.

Mr. Greg Miller, Master of Ceremonies, presented a number of humorous Christmas routines. With the help of Mr. Scott Hackler, ABI Director of Music, they presented a musical production that compared Hanukkah with Christmas. The final routine was an interactive game that climaxed as a special romantic honor to our President, Rev. Gerald Grant and his wife.

The evening was filled with laughter and great fellowship and was truly a great year end event for students, staff and church members alike. Thanks to all who helped in any way great or small. We are looking forward to the new and returning students for the Spring Semester.

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Students Preparing for Christmas Banquet

by Hugh Plappert (12/9/2011)

Preparations for this year's Christmas banquet are in full swing and the excitement of the festivities is in the air.

We have been perched precariously on our trusty ladder stringing lights. Students hang ornaments with care on our beautifully decorated wreaths. In addition, having a day off of class to do it was a nice touch.

This years theme, "Seeking the King", was inspired from the Matthew 2:10 "When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.". This verse is referring to the wise men and their journey to see the baby Jesus. These men dropped what they were doing and set out to find the King of kings.

We want to take this evening to drop what we are doing, fellowship with one another and remind ourselves of the true meaning of Christmas. Remind ourselves that we are on this earth to seek the King and to surround ourselves with those that seek Him as well.

We have been blessed to have Joanna and Amy Sullivan as well as Justin Bishop organize this evening. They have worked tirelessly to organize and direct students in helping make everything its best. Each student has contributed whether it was folding napkins, making place cards, ironing table clothes, glittering stars or buying food.

The Christmas banquet is one of our most anticipated events of the school year it brings not only the students together but also the church members. The Christmas banquet is a wonderful event to fellowship with the church members and faculty over a delicious meal.

Our menu this year includes Chicken Cordon Bleu, Diced Potatoes, Seasoned Vegetables and one of my personal favorites, Apple Pie. Our menu will be prepared by Matt Shoop a second year student with a knack for all things culinary.

This year's Banquet promises to be one of our most memorable yet with a dramatic reading about the wise men's journey, a student skit and the twelve days of Christmas all tied together by our Master of Ceremonies, Bro Greg Miller of First church , who is rumored to have a joke or two prepared.

I really do love the Christmas season and the ABI banquet is one of the reasons why. I already can't wait for next year.

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Children's Crusade 2011

by Hugh Plappert (10/11/2011)
Event: Children's Crusade

"Jesus loves the little children," and on Wednesday He moved greatly in our crusade. Bro. Mark Harris came and was used of God to reach to the children of First UPC. That night seven people were filled with the Holy Ghost.

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Alumni and Friends

by Hugh Plappert (9/29/2011)
Event: General Conference of the UPCI

The ABI Breakfast is back! You are invited to attend our Alumni and Friends Breakfast at the 2011 UPCI General Conference. Make plans now to attend this time of food, fellowship, and “catching up” with classmates and friends of the ABI family.

Location: Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport
Room: Exhibit Hall
Date: Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011
Time: 9:00AM -11:00AM
Cost: $15.00

Make your reservations today!

Phone: 651.739.7686

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Kings Came to Town

by Hugh Plappert (3/25/2011)

We were blessed to have the Kings, Bentonville, AR Home Missionaries, visit us last week. Bro. King opened our eyes to the revival in Arkansas. What a privilege it was to hear his testimony of how his church is growing.

Amanda collins I have been intrested in bible college for many years and now is the chance for me to make the decision. I just graduated from homeschool and want to go to college next year

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