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Graduation Weekend

by (6/14/2010)
Event: ABI Graduation Weekend

June 4th through the 6th was an incredible weekend for us here at ABI. It was exciting for the staff and students alike to see all alumni and guests that came to show their support and enjoy the events with us.

Friday kicked things off right with our "King of Kings" drama. This performance characterized the life and times of Isaiah. The play started out with Philip the evangelist explaining to the Ethiopian Eunuch what the scroll of Isaiah was saying and who Isaiah was and it took off from there. The students got the opportunity to portray events such as Isaiah's commission, Hezekiah's cleansing of the temple, and the angel of the Lord slaying 185,000 and many more. The presence of God could be felt during the production and many were blessed during this time.

Saturday night we were all blessed from musical performances by the "Tak and Shack" duo (Tak Kwan and ABI Music Director, Scott Hackler) and the ABI choir. We also experienced the storytelling mastery of Rev. Dennis Witkus telling us about Elijah and the prophets of Baal.

Sunday was a special day for many of the students. For some it was the celebration of their accomplishing two years and receiving an associates degree but for others it was the finalizing of their hard work and sacrifice. For the senior class, this was the last day for many of them and the last day they would be a student of this school that we love. June 6th was a milestone for so many and only the first step on the path of their reaching the world. With their education completed, they are now equipped and have knowledge to preach and to reach and to minister to all those around them. Cameras flashed and tears were shed on this bittersweet day of accomplishments. They will always be apart of the ABI family and none of these ministers will ever forget the lessons learned here in these hallowed halls or the instruction from these remarkable men and women of God.

Jaquimar de Queiroz Carvalho Congratulations about your nice work!

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by (3/16/2010)

This past weekend, a few students and I were able to travel down to the Pulse Youth Conference in Cincinnati. We had a great time on the trip including some random stops, and some ridiculous driving by ABI's beloved caretaker, Jonathan Devall. Never a dull moment. After getting our fill of Luigis Italian, Dunkin' Doughnuts, Krispy Kreams, and of course the occasional Burger King, we arrived at the First Apostolic Church of Cincinnati, pastored by Rev. Joel Urshan. We had a great time at the conference, getting to minister to a generation of youth that need Christ in such a desperate way. Bro James Wilson (Youth Pastor) did such an amazing job of organizing and directing the outcome of each service. My hats off to him and all his hard work. Brother Tim Rutledge ministered to the young people on their level. I was surprised at how well he was able to connect to the kids and get them to respond in such a mighty way. God Moved, and that's the most important part. He was there and I believe that the youth of that city and the surrounding cities will be greatly impacted by that conference. Thank you ABI for allowing me to go.

PS: don't forget about ABI's Thirst Weekend. It will be powerful to say the least. for more information about this event feel free to contact ABI's Promotions Director Jerry Simmons. (651) 494-8491 I encourage everyone to participate.

Terry Ingram I enjoyed the trip down here with you all, and as in past years PULSE was amazing

Jennifer Reyes Yes! We will miss ya!

Jerry Simmons We are going to miss you Terry.

Terry Ingram Jr. As I looked back at these post I came across this one. I look forward to coming back to ABI and making many more memories like these. I also thank everyone for being Awesome friends and being there with me in times of need and keeping me in your pray

Maridia Evans I bet you all worked very hard on this especially Jerry.

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Chili Fest

by (2/21/2010)

There was a lot of excitement and fun at the class of 2010's annual chili fest they hosted at the church this Sunday. There were many excellent cooks that came and entered their special chili in the contest. Church members, students and guests each got to sample each entry and vote for the best winner! Jonathan Devall won 1st prize, Maria Escandon won 2nd, and Aaron Hackler won 3rd with their entries. The class of 2010 also served hot dogs, chips and banana bread as part of the meal. Kids had fun breaking a pinata at the end! It was a fun time and a great success!

Maridia Evans I bet there was some a spicy and tasty chili there.

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Rev. Ron Brown

by (2/4/2010)

District Superintendent of Tennessee, Pastor Ron Brown has been with us all week teaching personal finance to our second year students. He also preached a wonderful message this last Wednesday night at First United Pentecostal Church on fear. Video and pictures from class are below.

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Round Two...One Month Down

by (1/31/2010)

January is already coming to a close, and the first month of school has already started with many new faces, changes, and great classes. Students have been starting the school day with morning prayer in the church auditorium with faculty and church members. Through prayer, the school, church, and lives of students have been greatly blessed. Breakfast has also drawn a crowd, starting later in the day after morning prayer. Classes have had an awesome start and anointed impact with students, lead by guest teachers including Bro. Merrick, Bro. Flemming, and Bro. Chapman. Students also enjoyed revival services with Bro. Tim Wachtstetter, which were very encouraging and uplifting. Its another semester with one month down, and many great things are happening at ABI!

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