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Romans Class

by (1/29/2010)

During the past two weeks the third and fourth year students were privileged to study the book of Romans with Rev. C.J. Merrick. Bro. Merrick is an experienced teacher, and was a District Superintendent of Minnesota for thirty years. The class was challenging and gave the students many lessons from Paul's epistle to the Roman church that can be applied to our own lives and the church today. It was an encouraging class for students who are becoming effective leaders and ministers of today.

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Sis. Tim Wachtstetter Ministers To The ABI Ladies

by (1/22/2010)

Rev. Tim Wachtstetter '86 preached a "Student Revival" for a week during chapel. In a separate session on Friday, his wife, Sis. Wachstetter '85, spoke to the ladies and encouraged them with her message on the "Wounded Healer". Bro and Sis. Tim Wachstetter were a great blessing and we enjoyed having them.

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Ministry Principles In Action

by (1/15/2010)

The waters of baptism were stirred again and again as classmates practiced baptizing their Class President, Wes Conway '10, using the same tank that washed away the sins of hundreds at the 2009 United Pentecostal Church International General Conference in St. Louis, MO. In the Ministry Principles course, students learn about baptisms, weddings, funerals, and other important duties of a pastor. Rev. William (Bill) Chapman '87, pastor of the Full Gospel Apostolic church in Paw Paw, MI, provides these important instructions as one of the many Adjunct Faculty members. "Rev. Chapman brings front line experience," Hugh Plappert '85, ABI Board Member, explained, "base on a strong doctrinal stand, impeccable integrity, and first class interpersonal skills to dedicated students posed to change their world."

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Christmas Banquet

by (12/17/2009)

The banquet was a good time for everyone. Everyone was dressed up for the occasion.

Maridia Evans Happy Holidays!

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

by (12/13/2009)

After Christmas banquet, several of the ABI students drove to downtown St. Paul to enjoy a walk through the snow at Rice Park! The park has been a popular hang out for students after banquet for pictures with friends because of the holiday scenery and snow in downtown St. Paul. This year the park was a holiday winter wonderland with the increased snow that added to the scenery of Christmas lights and city decorations. Although the walk was short due to the cold weather, the students had fun taking pictures with the lights and enjoying the fellowship with each other! It was a great memory overall!

Maridia Evans That must have been fun.

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