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One hot fiddle!

by (11/17/2009)

Bro. Charles Li is the newest member of our adjunct faculty. As a professional violinist, he has added a lot to our music program.

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I am forever changed...

by (11/7/2009)

The past 3 weeks have just been AWESOME. I just love to study the Bible. It is jammed packed with awesome truths. Bro. Griffin just finished teaching Minor Prophets last week. After going through that class I have a much better understanding of the Minor Prophets and how they apply to us today.

Right now Bro. Flemming is teaching the book of Acts. God has blessed Bro. Flemming with the ability to pull out principles that work for the age we live in. I have never had a better under standing of the book of Acts.

Someone else that has blessed me is Bro. Li. Even though I have never had a class with him he has encouraged me in my walk with God. It is so nice to know that ABI teachers care about me.

Thank you Jesus for ABI.

Andrew Reece

4th year Student

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Welcome New Freshmen!!

by (10/19/2009)

Every year we take a special night to recognize the sacrifice of our incoming freshman class. This year we had foreign missionary to Slovakia and ABI alumnus Rev. Steven Tir as our keynote speaker. Thank God for young men and women willing to take the time to train for the ministry!

Hugh Plappert We have a good freshman class. We are glad that all of them are here.

Sarah Outlaw Glad to see so many wonderful young adults living for the Lord. Stay storng and continue to do well in your work! =)

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U.S. Congress Invites Rev. David Ferrell To Open In Prayer.

by ADMIN (10/13/2009)

Rev. David Ferrell is an adjunct faculty member at ABI.
Calvary Tabernacle Pastor Rev. David Ferrell of Perth-Andover will be realizing one of his childhood dreams this week when, as guest chaplain for the day, he opens the U.S. House of Representatives with a prayer on Thursday morning, Oct. 15.
The event will be broadcast on C-Span at 11 am Atlantic Canada time when the 42-year-old Pentecostal pastor who has lived in Perth-Andover for over a dozen years will deliver a prepared prayer in the House of Representatives which shares the U.S. Capitol Building with the U.S. Senate.

"I was born and raised in Ohio," Rev. Ferrell said last week. He holds dual citizenship after moving to New Brunswick in the 1980s and becoming a Canadian citizen. "Ever since I was a little kid, it was always a dream of mine - I love American government and politics - to address Congress in some way. After I got my degree I started teaching over at the University of Maine in Presque Isle and I taught a girl by the name of Rachel Smith. A few years ago they needed somebody to sing the Canadian national anthem at the UMPI commencement and I did that and have for the past couple of years.

"Last year at the UMPI commencement the guest speaker was Michael Michaud, a federal Congressman from Maine's Second District (Millinocket area). After the commencement we talked for a while and then Rachel Smith came up. It turned out she was his aide. We got talking and I said off the cuff: 'You know I've always had a dream of addressing Congress'. He looked at me and asked if I would come a do a prayer.

Watch the Video Here

Here is the prayer Rev. Ferrell gave:
"Lord, I stand before You today and honor You as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
I ask Your forgiveness for human error and weakness.
I thank You for these leaders that You have put in place as a check and balance to the direction of our great Nation. I pray that they be empowered with boldness and courage as they represent their constituents.
I pray for Your guidance over today's proceedings and that Your wisdom rest on these elect for all future decisions they will face.
Remind us that when we don't know what direction to take, we can trust in Your hand and Word to direct us.
I thank You for a strong United States and for the individuals who have answered the call to serve in this great House Of Representatives.
I pray Your blessings be on this place from now and forevermore.
In Jesus Name, Amen"

David Plappert That is pretty cool. And he doesn't even live in the US.

Rev.Gerald Drost It has been my privilege to have gone to the church in Waterville N.B and listen to Brother Ferrell preach God's Word and enjoy the blessings of the Lord in the services there.It has been a blessing to us to be able to go there as we live close by in

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Ladies Minister in St.James

by ADMIN (10/5/2009)

Last Sunday, a group of us girls and our Dorm Mom, Pam Resong, had the opportunity to minister at a church in ST. James, MN. We arrived on Sunday morning and led the worship services, taught in Adult Sunday school, and supported Sister Pam as she preached the morning service. There was a sweet presence of the Lord there and we all were thankful for the opportunity to be used for the kingdom of God. What a privilege it is to be entrusted with His Word. The Lord is working in every student at ABI, he is molding, shaping and teaching us to be all that we can be in HIM. To God be all the Glory, for we are nothing without him.

Ray I am from the St. James church and it is always a blessing to have the students come to our church.

julie niemeier It's a great honor and blessing to have the yong men and women come and minister to us. God has led ABI and our church together to help each other out. It is a great blessing to all involved.

Sunnie I've been in St. James once, and the people there were such a blessing to me. I really enjoyed being there!

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