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Freshman Spirit

by (9/18/2009)

The freshmen that have come to us this year have brought with them a spirit of ambition and a desire to get involved. It has been encouraging to many to see them coming together and using their talents for the Lord. Many in the freshmen class have musical abilities. They have formed an ensemble and have actually written songs within the first week of school. We are excited to see how far they can reach with their music.
This passion they have will be a great asset to the school and church in our efforts for outreach and evangelism in our surrounding community.

Anita Larson Way to go freshmen. Keep it up for the Kingdom!!!

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Happy Birthday!

by (9/15/2009)

September 15th was the birthday of a very important woman. Not only is she one of our Professors in the Apostolic Bible Institute but she is also a mother of 33 young women; she's the Ladies Dorm Supervisor. Sister Pam Resong is probably one of the most consistent women I've met in my life. She stands true to everything in His beautiful Word and expects the same from all of us, which is a high standard for us ladies to reach. Everything she does is done in love and in this she exemplifies Jesus Christ every day. We were able to spend the evening with Sister Pam in the dormitory's family room. We ate strawberry shortcake, ice cream and enjoyed good conversation. What a great time we had celebrating a birthday of someone we cherish so much!

Aaron McGrew I agree with Jenny. Sis. Pam is a very valuable and irreplaceable asset to ABI.

Anita Larson We do appreciate Sis. Pam!!! Thank God for her dedication.

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Back to School Children

by (9/13/2009)

As morning went into afternoon on September 12, 2009 the words of Jesus Christ from Matthew 19:14 came to life (Matthew 19: 14- "Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."). On this day the First United Pentecostal Church's Sunday school department and a handful of ABI's students participated in the back to school children's carnival. At this event, the kids had the opportunity to interact with some of the students and everyone that takes part in the Sunday school department to play games, make new friends, and celebrate the start of a new school year.

Terry Ingram, Sr. Always a Joy To Influence Our Youth.

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The New Year is Here!

by (9/7/2009)

A new school year has arrived Registration started September 2, with many new and returning students! After Labor day weekend, students started school today in classes that included teachers Bro. Sievers, Bro. Moehlenpah, and Bro. Griffin! Twenty-nine new freshmen have come and have great expections for studying God's word. This year is already off to a great start!

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Labor Day Picnic

by (9/1/2009)
Event: Labor Day Picnic

The Annual Labor Day Picnic got underway and there were many that came to participate. Food, fun and games filled our Monday schedule. After an assortment of food, the students got together and started a soccer game. Many students this year have a background in soccer and so it was quite the thrilling game. Everyone had fun in spending time together and reconnecting with the returning students and meeting the incoming freshman class. Expectations are high for this school year and we are excited to see what God will do.

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