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Welcome to ABI 2009-2010

by (8/31/2009)

Both new and returning students are arriving each day with an exciting anticipation for another great school year of studying the Word of God. Our facilities have undergone extensive renovations this summer in preparation for this year, and as students arrive on campus they are eager to talk to fellow students and faculty members about the great things God will do this year at "the school we love." May God's blessings rest upon everyone involved in this school year.

James Loupee Yes sir! I've never been more excited about anything in my life! I can't wait to see what the Lord will do this year.

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New Arrival

by (8/16/2009)

With only a few weeks to go, we have our first new face on campus. This face isn't a student, but the newest member of our staff and faculty, Rev. George Sievers. Bro. Sievers came to us all the way from Dublin, Texas. An experienced pastor and school teacher, the skills and knowledge Bro. Sievers has to offer will be greatly valued as we continue to move towards the future and improving the school and the lives of the students.

Aaron McGrew Oh wow!!! That's so exciting. I can't wait to come back to ABI.

Jerry Simmons I listened to Bro. Sievers first message on at first church @

Bethany Sievers Thats my old pastor! :D Gods so amazing! :)

Kim Carter Well, God is good!

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Youth Congress Day 1

by (8/6/2009)

ABI handed out 250 t-shirts the first of NAYC. Bro. Shay Mann delivered a motivating message, inspiring the youth of UPC to move forward in ministry and pursue their calling to the ministry. It was an outstanding first day here, and we are all sure that the next two nights are going to be Holy Ghost filled with more great things of God

David Plappert I had an awesome time at NAYC this year. Seeing 17,000 young people was great.

Jenny Reyes I'm so glad I was able to go! I had a great time, and can't wait to go again sometime!

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Summer Remodeling

by (8/3/2009)

Sis. Cruz is leading a large crew in remodeling Dunn Hall (girl's dorm). This will make the dorm more comfortable and up to date. Many changes have taken place and the girls are excited. Jenny Reyes, third year student, said, "ABI is a place we are proud of and we want all the new students to be proud of it too." The maintenance crew has been working hard to give the exterior of the school a new look as well. Here at ABI we are all excited for the new year to come and we want to make sure that our campus looks its best for this coming fall.

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Iowa Senior Camp

by (8/1/2009)

This year ABI has set out to be supportive this summer at as many camps as we could. First stop, Iowa. Just south from the ABI's campus, is a district full of energy and dedication. Andrew Reece and Stuart Anderson got the privilege to spend the week with Iowa's youth staff and their youth. They helped out and filled holes wherever they could and the experience was truly unforgettable. From morning prayer to midnight madness, the day was full of exciting events and great times of fellowship. The campers enjoyed the many events that the youth board presented. Sports tournaments, chewing gum sculpting, duct tape boat races, and even Bigfoot showed up to have some fun. The services were anointed and the preaching of Bro. Omar Jolly really hit home for many of the youth and relit some Holy Ghost fires in others. Wednesday and Thursday the altars became the forefront of a great Holy Ghost crusade and many received the wonderful gift from above. Andrew and Stuart came away from the camp with a fresh vision and satisfaction from such a fulfilling week.

kellie young this was a fun year!

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