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Graduation Weekend

by (6/1/2009)
Event: Graduation Weekend: Graduation

It was a big weekend here at ABI. Friday night started things off with our drama entitled, "O How He Loves." It was a great production showing God's unfailing love for us even though we fall short. It went very well and there was an amazing move of God following. Many people were first time visitors and they received a great touch from the Lord. We had a good time of fellowship that night and the students let out a sigh of relief for the drama finally being over. Many long hours and late nights went into making it happen but it was all worth it to see the Lord work as He did through it. Saturday night the alumni came together for a service at their old stomping grounds. Recognition of all the classes of 9 (59, 69, etc) was a fun way to bring everyone together. Bro. Paslay spoke the message to us that night and he did a wonderful job speaking to us about how we live in certain times. His message brought everything into perspective about how God orchestrates the events of the world to perform His will. We are living in the end times but God is in control of all that goes on. Sunday's alumni brunch was a good time of fellowship and catching up for many. Bro. Merrick spoke at the graduation a very encouraging message to us all about how we need to hold fast to the truths of God. I recommend everyone to hear these messages and receive from them.

emelie solitario it feels so good to see some new graduates students for the field of God. May God will use them mightely

AnnaMaria Vinnik Hey there's Brother Merrick!! I love him and preaching is powerful!

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Memorial Day Picnic

by (5/25/2009)

With a day off drama, what better way to spend the day than to be outside with all your friends. That's just what we did on Memorial Day. First UPC and ABI went to Lake Elmo Park Reserve and had fun time of fellowship. Sports, food, relaxing filled the day and made it a good time for everyone.

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Drama Practice

by (5/21/2009)

As the school year comes to a close, the students have begun working on the annual ABI Drama. The students have been working hard writing the script and building props, casting parts and learning lines. This year's drama is called "O How He Loves." It shows the love of God through all the downfalls we face. We are using Biblical stories mixed with modern situations to portray all of this. Many hours have already been put into this production and many more will be needed before we perform it. Excitement is building as opening night draws closely in.

David Plappert I have fun staying up till 4AM in the days leading up to the graduation weekend.

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Minnehaha Falls

by (5/4/2009)

One of the many places to visit in the twin cities area is the Minnehaha Falls Park. Minnehaha Falls is one of the oldest and most popular parks in the area. Waterfalls, Limestone bluffs, and river overlooks are a few of the many things to see and experience at this metro area getaway. A group of students took advantage of this before they turned their focus to drama. While walking through the park, the group met a couple who were of like faith and we spent the rest of our time there in fellowship at this place of creative wonder.

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by (4/14/2009)

Outdoor fun at it's best. Tonight we got together for a classic time around the bonfire. What fun it is to roast marshmallows and hot dogs with your best friends. The setting sun signaled the start and the sparks began to fly. The students always have a good time telling stories and just spending time outside around the roaring flames. Tonight gave us a good start into the summer season, with the first bonfire of the 2009 year. Anticipation for the rest of this year is high and what it will be to see what happens next.

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