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by (4/11/2009)
Event: Thirst (College Days)

What is the greatest aspect of Thirst?

I believe it is the fellowship of other young people, and the presence of God. Many who came to "Thirst" this past weekend said it reminded them of camp. Youth seem to remember the great times they had at events: great services, great fellowship, great fun. This weekend was one that will be remembered by these young people for the remainder of their lives. This weekend was a life-changing experience. Right from the beginning service in prayer powerhouse until the last service, the presence of God was undeniable. "Thirst" in the past has been a weekend where many young people have turned their lives around, felt the call of God, and experienced Bible college. If it hadn't been for "Thirst," I and others may not have come to ABI. I believe God is calling more young people to His harvest. All it takes is one person to step out and decide to use his or her life and talents for the good of His Kingdom. All those who are thirsty come unto Him who can fullfill your thirst. There is only one answer to our spiritual thirst;His name is Jesus. "Thirst" weekend is about fulfilling your thirst during our preview weekend. A great group of young people visited who were hungry for God. They attended some classes and met some new friends. More than that they received a touch from God. This weekend was jam packed with awesome services. Prayer power house is exactly what it's called - we powered the house with prayer. God's Spirit moved so strongly it was overwhelming. Many who come to "Thirst" weekend come with different situations. They come needing to hear from God, needing to touch God. Some come broken and confused, and some come knowing exactly why they are here and what they need. This weekend is not just an advertisement for ABI, it is a weekend where young people can get a break from their everyday lives. They can confirm their calling, and make some life-changing decisions.

Words cannot begin to describe the impact "Thirst" had on my life. For the first time I had the opportunity to really witness and minister to a complete stranger. ABI held a concert in Del Sol - a small community in St. Paul MN. In preparation some of the students and prospects went early to pass out invitations. During this time I met two young ladies who decided to come to the concert. As we sang unto the Lord, the Spirit of God poured out. His peace, love and joy permeated the room where we worshiped. One of the ladies stood with tears streaming down her face. She had never before been in a Pentecostal service. After the concert, we invited the girls to the service we were having back at the church. They came not only that night but also the next Sunday morning. Now they want a Bible study. "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise." Proverbs 11:30

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Wisconsin Road Trip

by (4/1/2009)

This past weekend three of us went to Wisconsin to get young people charged up about Bible College! We went to Wisconsin District Conference. We were blessed! Brother Mooney preached an awesome message. Sunday night we went to Fond du Lac Church. (Cornerstone Worship Center)We thank Brother and Sister Pace for allowing us to come and talk to the young people. It's awesome to see young people on fire for God, seeking after the will of God in their life.

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Ministry trip

by (3/29/2009)

Leaving the school at the crack of dawn is no strange event when you go on a ministry trip. Today's journey took us to the town of Alexandria, MN. Only two and a half hours from the school, driving I94, we arrived full of excitement. Our speakers were up late into the night studying and preparing for the service and it was a push to get the energy to continue, but when God wants you to speak, we do what we can to let Him speak. The service opened with scripture and worship and the Spirit started to move. Bethany Sievers sang a special song about God's healing love raining down upon us and it did. Many people felt that love through her singing. Bethany Pederson was our first speaker and she gave a wonderful lesson about God's conquering love and how we should never forget what His love has done for us. Felicia McFadden spoke next and she delivered a brilliant message about God's love as well. Throughout the whole service it was very clear that God wanted to remind us that He still loves us and that His love never fails. After service we enjoyed a time of fellowship with a local family of the church, the Reeces. God blessed each one of us that day. It is so rewarding to be used of God and get experience and practice working in the field.

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Oklahoma Ministry Trip

by (3/16/2009)
Event: Spring Vacation

During spring break students Nathan Arney and Wesley Conway had the opportunity to go to Clinton, Oklahoma, to preach at Rev. Jessie Musick's church. The following Wednesday they ministered in Duncan, Oklahoma, at the church pastored by Rev. Randall Pitts. If you would like to schedule one of our ministry teams to come to your area please call Bro. Jerry Simmons at 651-494-8491.

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Student Ministry at First UPC

by ADMIN (3/16/2009)

Sunday, March 15, ABI students preached in both services at First United Pentecostal Church on the ABI campus. Tucker Johnson, a senior from Vermont, preached in the morning service; Nigel Ali, a sophomore from the island nation of Fiji, preached in the evening service. These services may be viewed in streaming video:

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