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Minnesota Music Conference 2016

by ABI Admissions (1/27/2016)

Our Guest This year will be Jeromy and his wife Barbie Hoffee

Jeromy and Barbie are a dynamic music team with a wide range of musical experience. Before moving to St. Louis, Jeromy was the Director of Music at West Monroe Apostolic Church in Herrin, Illinois and Barbie directed music and worked in children's ministry in her home church in Ohio. Their experience led them to Gateway College of Evangelism where they served as Director of Music from 1999-2009. They also are the founders of "J. Oscar School of Music", a private teaching studio in St. Louis, with over 250 students enrolled. They both enjoy training students, providing them opportunities, and helping them develop their own ministries. Most recently, Jeromy has been given the opportunity to be the chair of the new Music Ministry of the United Pentecostal Church. His passion is investing in people and promoting excellence within ministry. Jeromy and Barbie also serve as Music Directors at The Sanctuary in St. Louis, MO, under the leadership of Pastor Tim Dugas and Pastor Scott Graham.

For more information visit the event page "MN Music Conference 2016" on Facebook.

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Labor Day

by ABI Admissions (9/22/2015)

It was a fun-filled day as the students and church members gathered together to celebrate the holiday! Everyone came together and feasted on the multi-cultural potluck contributions. Fun and games were arranged for the children and a ABI student-body softball game followed. It was a beautiful day of excitement and fellowship!

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North America Youth Congress

by ABI Admissions (8/11/2015)

ABI was blessed to be a part of North American Youth Congress in Oklahoma City, OK.

Alumni from all over North America gathered at the booth for a great time in fellowship.

Missionary students from all over the world gathered around the ABI missions themed booth.

ABI alum, Rev. Stan Gleason and Rev. Lee Stoneking, both participated in speaking to the youth.

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Children Evangelists: The Borliks

by ABI Admissions (7/28/2015)

Snap! Mousetraps on Bro. Borlik's nose, ears, mouth and hand painfully represented "sin traps" into which we fall. Aimed at the children, but definitely "gotten" by the adults, Bro. Bruce and Sis. Jamie Borlik's lessons at A.B.I./First Church drew many to the altar, where more than a few sought the Holy Ghost and many were refilled.

The July 26, 2016 Sunday evening children's ministry service brought in an enthusiastic, ever-growing congregation with many guests. Bro. and Sis. Borlik's creative use of skits, puppets, and music effectively brought home the dangers of sin and the efficacious cleansing and love of Jesus Christ.

The children were immediately drawn into the story and quick to call out the sins of Clem, Bro. Borlik's character, even standing and pointing vociferously at him after Clem "stole" money from Sis. Borlik's purse.

We salute the Borliks for an inspiring time and hope they were able to refresh themselves with more than an "after-service sweet tea" that her stolen dollar was to buy.

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Parking Lot Project

by ABI Admissions (7/23/2015)

Great progress is being made with our parking lot project! The ABI men are working hard to complete this task. Each day, different people come to lend a hand.
We are grateful for all of the help!

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