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78th Graduation Weekend Review

by ABI Admissions (6/2/2015)

The Drama "Moses" captured the audience and gave an inspiring message to all. Afterward, there was a time of great fellowship.

On Saturday, Rev. Godwin, brought us an encouraging and life-changing word entitled "A Stop on the Road to Greatness." The evening was followed by a night of fellowship and alumni presentations.

Rev. Stoneking, gave a encouraging message that moved the congregation. We were blessed to have him ministry to us.

Karen Cook Shepard It feels my heart with joy and thankfulness to see that ABI is still blessing to the lives of so many. I can truely say, I am so proud to be called and ABI alumni. God bless, Karen Shepard

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78th Graduation Weekend

by ABI Admissions (4/30/2015)

Schedule of Events

We are looking forward to escorting our graduating class into the ministry. We have reorganized the weekend and the schedule is below.

Friday, May 29th
- Benefit Drama at 7p.m.

Saturday, May 30th
- Church with Rev. Greg Godwin at 5p.m.
- Alumni and Friends social hour after service. (Light refreshments served.)

Sunday, May 31st
- 78th Graduation service with Rev. Lee Stoneking at 3p.m.

We are anticipating a power packed weekend with services focused on sending our graduates off into the world of ministry with inspiration and determination.

Rev. Godwin will be bringing us an inspiring and life-changing word Saturday evening followed by a night of fellowship and alumni presentations.

Rev. Stoneking, who recently spoke at the United Nations general assembly, will be with us once again for our final service of the weekend. We are expecting a tremendous move of God throughout the weekend.

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Apostolic Torch Conference 2015

by ABI Admissions (4/24/2015)

"This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine..." This simple Sunday school song is what came to mind during this 2015 Torch Conference. The theme this year was letting the light of Jesus that dwells in us shine on the face of the whole world. Bro. Nigel Ali and Bro. Howell shared their burden for souls and the mission field. Never before have we seen such a hunger in young people; rows and rows of young people seeking the face of God filled the altar. Inspiring services and passionate sessions ignited the spark in the hearts of those attending. On Saturday afternoon Bro. Nigel asked the young people to take a small light and attach it to a massive globe. This moment was a symbol of dedication. We will let our light shine in this world. At the end of the service you could see this globe covered in little lights. Overwhelming emotions fill the hearts of those that looked on it. This globe and its lights showed how dedicated this generation was about reaching this world. Committing their lives for the kingdom of God was an experience one could never replace. Torch 2015 truly has ignited the light in this generation; a light that will reach this world.

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Rev. Lee Stoneking Ministry Week

by ABI Admissions (3/31/2015)

The students of ABI were privileged to have Rev. Lee Stoneking inspire and enlighten the future ministry of this generation. Throughout the week he gave insight to biblical concepts such as the Oneness doctrine. He gave influential testimonies that stirred the hearts of every listener. The opportunity to learn from such a faithful evangelist was truly an enlightening experience.

He was open to answering any questions the audience had for him. One such question was: How to be used of God? Through his experience and wisdom, Bro. Stoneking gave a simple answer. God's choice for you is based on your choices, because of the choices you make, He chooses to use you in certain ways. He gave references from the Bible such as Moses, Joshua, and Saul as examples of individuals being used of God. Each person made choices that lead God to use them in ways they never thought possible. If God asks you to do something, do it. Our willingness allows God to use us.

He also brought many of his personal Bible studies that he was willing to share. One such Bible study was highly anticipated: The study on the Gifts of the Spirit. In this session the focus was on how the gifts are given and what the differences of the gifts actually were. Many students desired to be used in the Gifts of the Spirit but lacked the confidence to do so. In this session, Bro. Stoneking explained that gifts are given to all, but some are more distinctive based on the individual's personality. He also encouraged the students not to be ashamed when God gives them a gift.

Having Bro. Stoneking walking in the halls of ABI was truly an enlightening experience for all that attended. His walk with God has become influential to many across the globe, but among the students he was not only a great evangelist but he became a great friend.

- Rebecca Bennett -

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Why I Chose ABI

by ABI Admissions (1/29/2015)

Hi! My name is Austen Wageman from Moorhead, MN. I am currently a "B" student at ABI. I didn't choose Apostolic Bible Institute because it was close. I took a close look at the phenomenal instructors and the potential of being used right away. I was amazed by the talent and anointing that the faculty and student body possess. I haven't even been here a month and I'm already using my musical and other abilities in the daily chapel and main church services. I have found where I belong. I knew from the moment I stepped on this campus that I'm right where God told me to go.
- Austen Wageman

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